• 001Thermostable and low pH tolerant phytase
  • 002Biodegradation of polylactides (PLA)
  • 003Biodegradation of polylactides (PLA)
  • 004Microbial production of gamma linolenic acid
  • 005Exploitation of microbial biodiversity for enzyme inhibitors and plant growth promoters


  • An industrial consultancy project on the second generation biofuels – status and feasibility for India successfully completed for the International Energy Agency, France.
  • Industrial consultancy project on the microbial production of L-arginine from cost effective starch-based natural feed stocks using bacterial cultures completed for a US-based company.
  • A nation-wide survey on the availability of Indian biomass resources for exploitation as feedstock for bioprocesses, in particular for biofuels has been completed. The survey report provides comprehensive and realistic information on the availability of agro-industrial feedstocks in different parts of the country and identify the ones available as ‘surplus’ for alternative applications. The report has been published by TIFAC, New Delhi.
  • A new facility, created as NII Culture Collection for the collection and storage of microbial cultures, has been registered with the World Culture Collection, Japan.
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