• 001Thermostable and low pH tolerant phytase
  • 002Biodegradation of polylactides (PLA)
  • 003Biodegradation of polylactides (PLA)
  • 004Microbial production of gamma linolenic acid
  • 005Exploitation of microbial biodiversity for enzyme inhibitors and plant growth promoters

New Books

Pretreatment of Biomass: Processes and Technologies, Editors- Ashok Pandey, S Negi, P Binod & C Larroche, Elsevier, UK, p 264 (2015) ISBN: 978-012-800-080-9 b1 There has been increasing focus on developing the processes and technologies for the conversion of biomass to liquid and gaseous fuels and chemicals, in particular to develop low-cost technologies. However, any kind of lignocellulosic biomass to be used for the conversion process needs at first some kind of pretreatment to fraction cellulose and/or hemicellulose, and/or to remove lignin. During last 3-4 years, there have been tremendous scientific and technological developments in the area. This book provides general information, basic data and knowledge on one of the most promising renewable energy sources, i.e., biomass for its pretreatment, which is one of the most essential and critical aspects of biomass- based processes development.

Advances in Thermochemical Conversion of Biomass, Editors- Ashok Pandey, Thallada Bhaskar, Michael Stocker & Rajeev Kumar Sukumaran, Elsevier, UK; p 491 (2015) ISBN: 978-0444-63289-0 b2 This book covers one of the most important emerging areas related with alternative energy and deals with a wide variety of topics on the thermo-chemical conversion of biomass. There has been intensive R&D and technological developments in the area of renewable energy utilizing biomass as feedstock. Thermo-chemical processes offer potential benefits for the scale-up and commercial avenues.

Industrial Biorefineries and White Biotechnology, Editors- Ashok Pandey, R Hofer, MJ Taherzadeh, KM Nampoothiri & C Larroche, Elsevier, Waltham, USA; p 710 (2015), ISBN: 978-0-444-63453-5 b3

This book intends to design concepts for modern biorefineries as an alternative and as an amendment to industrial crude oil and gas refineries and to give a complete review of the driving forces in modern industrial biotechnology and biochemistry. During last one decade, there have been tremendous scientific and technological developments in the area of biorefining, including industrial processes and products development using ‘green technologies’, often referred as white biotechnology. Hence, this book on the topics merging industrial biorefinery and white biotechnology would be of immense use for the researchers, including biotechnologist and bioengineers. This book provides data-based scientific information on the most advanced and innovative processing for the industrial biorefinery and white biotechnology. It presents an state-of-art review about the fast developments and new achievements in industrial biotechnology and the necessities and potentials generated by different kinds of biomass in presumably more decentralized biorefineries

Novel Combustion Concepts for Sustainable Energy Development, Editors- AK Agarwal, Ashok Pandey, AK Gupta, SK Aggarwal & A Kushari, Springer, New Delhi, India, p 562 (2015) ISBN: 978-81-322-2210-1 b4 This book comprises research studies of novel work on combustion for sustainable energy development. It offers an insight into a few viable novel technologies for improved, efficient and sustainable utilization of combustion-based energy production using both fossil and biofuels. Special emphasis is placed on micro-scale combustion systems that offer new challenges and opportunities.

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