• 001Thermostable and low pH tolerant phytase
  • 002Biodegradation of polylactides (PLA)
  • 003Biodegradation of polylactides (PLA)
  • 004Microbial production of gamma linolenic acid
  • 005Exploitation of microbial biodiversity for enzyme inhibitors and plant growth promoters

Recent Research

  • imageMicrobial Microbial production of ...

    With an aim to undertake the scale-up studies on the production of gamma linolenic acid, experimental and ...more..

  • imageExploitation of microbial biodiversity ...

    Forty five plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) were identified (from Western ghats soils in Kerala) and sequenced. ...more..

  • imageBiodegradation of polylactides (PLA) The isolation of the PLA degrading microbes using PLA as the sole carbon source in PLA emulsified ...more..
  • imageThermostable and low pH ...Complete gene encoding phytase gene (phyA), from A. ficuum NRRL 3135 and A. niger BTCF 5 and ...more..

Research Highlights


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Moments of Workshop