The central theme of organic synthesis is making and breaking of bonds in a selective and controlled fashion in order to synthesize compounds of specific interest leading to pharamaceuticals, insecticidal and other biologically active compounds. A number of novel synthetic methodologies based on pericyclic reactions, chemical electron transfer, tin mediated radical cyclization, transition metal catalysis and muticomponent reactions have been developed. Green chemical synthesis comprising of enzyme mediated organic reactions and clay catalyzed organic synthesis have been developed. Also involved in various projects on natural products which are nationally co-ordinated.

Projects Completed:

  • BASF project on Synthesis of Novel Heterocycles as pest control agents.
  • Development of chemoenzymatic techniques for the synthesis of biologically active natural products.
  • DST-Ranbaxy project on Novel Hypocholesterolemic agents: Synthesis and Biologicla evaluation of squalene epoxidase inhibitors.
  • Indo-French Project sponsored by the IFCPAR (2000-2003). Title: Novel azadiene Diels-Alder reactions: Application to the synthesis of anticancer agents and related compounds.
  • NMITLI Project on Defunctionalization of Carbohydrates (2001-2003).
  • CSIR Interlaboratory Project (1998-2003). Title: Development and commercialization of bioactive compounds from plant sources.
  • DST-FAST TRACK- Young Scientist Project (2001-2002). Title: Stereocontrolled Synthesis of Bicyclic, linearly and angularly fused heterocyclic compounds by tri-n-butyltin mediated radical cyclization.
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