• The reversible shift of emission observed in fluorescent molecular gelators exploited for the preparation of a composite polymer film useful for erasable thermal imaging and secret documentation.
  • Novel pi-conjugate materials developed and investigated the role of molecular packing on solid-state optical properties and imaging applications.
  • Control on morphology and optical properties of molecular self-assembly of &prod-conjugated molecules and functional dyes achieved by rational choice of the interacting moieties.
  • Gold nanoparticle-cored dendrimers stabilized by metal-carbon bonds achieved for potential applications in catalysis.
  • Novel triad systems developed and studied their effect of inverted region and distance on back electron transfer process.
  • Hydrazine induced transformation of nanoparticles to nanowires achieved.
  • A Zn2+ specific fluorescent probe for the selective detection and endogenous cyanide in bio-relevant samples developed.
  • Luminescent dyes for selective detection of various analytes such as aminothiols in blood, nitrite and metal ions developed.
  • A voltammetric sensor was developed for quantification of sub-nanomolar levels of cysteine.
  • Designed novel aza-BODIPY derivatives with high quantum yields of triplet and singlet oxygen generation for photodynamic therapeutic applications.
  • DNA assisted white light emission through FRET from a cyclophane excimer in both aqueous and organic media was demonstrated
Research Highlights