About us

IT LAB at CSIR NIIST is vitally connected to the Global knowledge with its state-of-the-art IT infrastructure and high speed campus network serving the information and computing needs of users in research, administration, learning and personal communications. The IT group has been in the forefront of deploying information technologies to help our scientists to be in the forefront in their chosen area of research.

We at the IT Lab manage the campus-wide IT infrastructure and facilitate access to all NIIST IT resources. We also manage e-services and applications, and provide IT technical support to NIIST students and staff. We also provide, maintain and manage information technology infrastructure, network, website, e-mail, management information system, software and hardware to support the research activities in NIIST.

All facilities, resources and services available over the Internet and Intranet are accessible by staff and researchers on the campus network, wired or wireless. Research is further facilitated by NIIST’s rich online learning materials and abundant online digital library resources.

We take pride in supporting various divisions and sections, providing IT users with great experience by making things Easy and Friendly. Our services allow students and staff to stay connected with the world, anywhere, anytime.