Dos and Do nots

Please Do

  • Show the documents which are being taken out of the library, to the staff at the check point.
  • Contact the staff on duty/section staff for any queries.
  • Keep the Library premises tidy.
  • Make sure that you download the papers actually required by you.
  • The quantity of allowed downloading varies from publisher to publisher. Contact KRC personnel to            seek clarification, if any.
  • Remember! E-access has been subscribed under an agreement with the publishers. Let’s make                sure not to violate any agreement.
Please Don’t
  • Waste more than half an hour to locate the documents. If you experience any difficulty in locating            the required material, Please contact the Library Staff/librarian.
  • Move books/journals from its specific area to another area.
  • Replace the material: the library staff will do it for you. (Please remember the document misplaced          is document lost)
  • Write in a book/journal unless it is your cheque book
  • Give borrowers cards to others.
  • Download papers that you might possibly require in future. The access to the required resources              will continue. So, please don’t download unnecessary papers
  • Systematic downloading is strictly prohibited. The systematic downloading includes cover to cover            download or bulk downloading from same journal/database.
  • Talk or discuss that will disturb other readers. Reading halls are meant for individual study only.
  • Leave personal papers and non-library materials unattended on tables.