• Sustained R& D efforts for over 2 decades on the development of environment friendly and more viable processes for the production of synthetic rutile, has resulted in transfer of a major technology under public private partnership mode. NIIST has transferred a technology for setting up of a commercial plant of 60000 TPA capacity synthetic rutile to M./s Cochin Minerals and Rutile Limited.
  • Another process based on plasma technology for the production of synthetic rutile, pig iron and high purity iron oxide from ilmenite has been successfully demonstrated at 30 kg/hr capacity continuous plasma reactor in collaboration with National Mineral Development Corporation, Hyderabad.

Recent Publications

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Awards and Honours

  • Award for Excellence in Corrosion Science and Technology, NACE International
  • Editor, Transactions of IIM
  • Chandran Menon Memorial Award for Applied Research and Innovative Technology conferred by The Institute of Indian Foundrymen (IIF)
  • IIF Foundry Research Award at national level conferred by Indian Institute of Foundryman, Calcutta
  • IIM Best Metallography Awards
  • Best Paper Awards in various national and international conferences
  • DAAD fellowship and AvH Post doctoral fellowship
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