Electrically heated rotary kiln
Purpose : Reduction of ores and minerals
Range : Temp: 11000C ;
Capacity : 40kg / day capacity, Continuous operation is feasible


Vacuum Induction Melting Furnace
Salient Features:
Power capacity : 20 kW
Sample Qty : max 5 kg
• Intermediate feeding arrangement
• Gas purging arrangement
Temperature : max 2000oC
• Vacuum : 10-3 bar
• Optical pyrometer to monitor sample temperature
• Melting of slag
• Refining of metals and alloys
• Alloy development
Transferred Arc Furnace / Plasma Furnace
Purpose : Smelting and melting of ores, minerals and waste materials
Range : Temp: 18000C
Conditions : Inert, Reduction, Oxidation
Capacity : 30kW capacity (300A, 100V)
Sample Requirment : 0.5kg to 5kg
Horizontal Planetary Ball Mill
• Variable transmission mode
• Wet / dry Milling (reduce powder size down to sub-micron)
• Bulk quantity grinding of materials (0.1kg to 1.0 Kg)
• Digital display of Power consumption
• Mechanical activation of minerals & materials
• Mechanochemistry
• Value addition to low grade graphite ore and waste carbon
• Waste water treatment/ desalination
Microwave furnace
Salient Features:
Capacity : 3kW capacity
Temperature : max 1500oC
Sample Qty : upto 1kg
• Reduction of ores and minerals
• Heat treatment and sintering of ceramic materials
Berghof Leaching Reactor
Capacity : 1 ltr capacity
Temperature : max 250oC
 Speed : 600rpm
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