• Development of a process for sol gel nano size self-cleaning (photoactive) titanium oxide powders and coatings.
  • Anti-algal titania nano coatings on glass and ceramic surfaces, and ultra filtration and membranes.
  • Sol gel process for synthesis of nano crystalline rare earth phosphates of size
  • Development of sol gel mesoporous Silica micro spheres for catalytic and gas storage applications.
  • Process for ‘sol gel non fused alumina abrasives’ and nano dispersed cerium oxide polishing media.
  • Process for gel assisted extrusion for porous ceramic substrates for ultra and nano filtration membranes and for ceramic matrix composites.
  • Sol gel surface modification: engineered functional ceramic nano coatings.
  • Technology for (I) clay vitrified tiles, (Ii) high volume flux bonded fly ash building components, (Iii) eco friendly nano pigments (Iv) anti algal nano coatings.
  • Process for production of MgB2 based superconductors
  • Superconducting current leads of ratings up to 2000 A (64 K), as products, for application in high current superconducting systems
  • Superconducting magnetic shield vessels with shielding factor >100,000 for magnetic shielding in SQUID systems
  • Cryocooler based test facility useful for testing high current (1200 A) superconducting devices at temperatures as low as 6 K without the use of LHe
  • Long mono and multi-layered superconducting tapes, wires and coils
  • Liquid nitrogen level sensor-monitor assembly using high TC superconductors
  • Ceramic based nanostructural magnetic refrigerants
  • Dielectric resonators with Qf up to 100000 GHz
  • Microwave substrates
  • Electronic packaging materials
  • LTCC tapes
  • Giant permitivity materials for electrostrictive and embedded capacitor applications



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