Research Activities

  • Customized substrates and functional inks for printed electronics
  • Multichip module packaging materials including LTCC/HTCC tapes and pastes
  • Ultralight radar invisible EMI shielding materials and solutions
  • Ultralow-? hybrids for microelectronic chip applications
  • Magnetic materials for permanent magnet, magnetic refrigeration and spintronic applications
  • Multifunctional magnetic nanostructures and sensors
  • Lead-free piezoelectric and triboelectric nanogenerators
  • Flexible and wearable tactile sensors
  • Multi-functional next generation technical textiles
  • Ferroelectric liquid crystals based advanced electro-optical devices
  • White and red emitting phosphors for opto-electronic applications
  • Phosphor-polymer composites for flexible lighting and display applications
  • Upconverted, downconverted and afterglow phosphors
  • Nanoceramics for photo/electro catalysis and multifunctional coatings
  • Ceramics for CO2 capture and conversion
  • Nanostructured electrode materials for electrochemical energy storage, electrocatalysis, and electrochemical sensing applications
  • Anti-corrosive pigments and coating for metal protection.
  • Industrial wastes utilization from mining and metallurgical sectors
  • Energy saving ceramic functional pigments
  • Value added kaolin products
  • Ceramic catalysts for membranes and bio fuels
  • Rare earth thermal ceramics including hydrophobic glaze for tiles
  • Novel building materials from industrial wastes
  • Dye-Removal Technologies (Advanced oxidation process (AOP), adsorption, and photocatalysis)
  • Hydrogen sensors and separation membranes
Research Highlights


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Moments of Workshop