• pilot-plant-for-sol-gelPilot plant for sol-gel nanoparticle synthesis
  • flexible-butyl-rubber-SrTiO3 Flexible butyl rubber-SrTiO3 microwave substrates
  • magnesium-boride Magnesium boride based superconductor wire development program
  • gear-housing-fabricatedGear housing fabricated by Sic reinforced aluminium matrix composites
  • typical-rigid-mouldedTypical rigid moulded samples based on Coir-Rubber-Composites


  • Designed, fabricated and commissioned an all ceramic -membrane industrial water filtration system at BHEL, Bangalore.
  • A technology for making a ready-mix composition suitable for use in building component industry from industrial byproducts developed and transferred to Cochin Minerals and Rutiles Ltd.
  • Developed MgB2 superconductor with very high in-field critical current density by the incorporation of burned rice husk.
  • Developed flexible substrates based on butyl rubber-SrTiO3 for dielectric application at microwave frequencies.
  • Synthesised semiconducting ceramic oxides suitable for thermistor applications.
  • As part of the CSIR Network Project on development of advanced light weight metals, remarkable progress has been achieved on grain refinement of AZ91 Mg alloy, processing of high strength Al alloys, Mg2Si hybridised in situ Si reinforced FG Al matrix composites and fabrication and evaluation of Al-SiC FGM piston ring.
Research Highlights