Exploring hidden depths through Computer Simulations

The 21st century is witnessing the phenomenon of vanishing boundaries between scientific disciplines.  This has been made possible to a large extent by Computational Science working steadfastly at the interfaces to create new knowledge that can in turn set off new trails of experimentation and research. The Computational Modelling and Simulation Group is engaged in interdisciplinary, collaborative research. We develop computational techniques for a wide range of phenomena and processes like metal casting and welding, multiphase hydrodynamics including reactions kinetics of various chemical reactors like rotary kilns, stirred and fluidized bed reactors  and biological systems.

Providing Engineering solutions using Computational Techniques

  • Multi-scale Modelling of Solidification Process
  • Process Engineering

Our Brush with Biology

  • Biological Sequence Analysis
  • Agent-based modelling for Systems Biology

Core Computational Skills

  • Software Development
  • Applications & Problem Solving with commercial packages like ANSYS-CFX and flow 3D
  • Parallel Processing for Big Data Applications
Research Highlights


  • Currently no data available

Moments of Workshop