• odour-controlOdour control for reclaim rubber factory
  • white-pepper-productionWhite pepper production
  • regional-environment-impactRegional Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) study in clay mining areas
  • CFD-modeling-gas-liquidCFD modeling of gas-liquid multi-impeller stirred bioreactors


Testing and Analysis Laboratory of Environmental Technology Division is accredited to NABL for the analysis of Water, Waste Water and Dioxins

  Grant of Accreditation (1.2 MiB, 120 hits)

The Environment Technology Division is actively engaged in creating indigenous technologies for pollution control and value addition to the region’s natural resources. The divisional activities converge into three main areas of waste management, water treatment and Environment Impact Assessment (EIA).

The group has made a niche in “end of the pipe” technologies for mitigation measures, through its expertise in waste water and effluent treatment, solid waste management solutions, dioxin research, perchlorate remediation and extraction of useful fibre from biomass.

NIIST is a NABET accredited, Category A consultant organisation in Kerala with accreditation in the two areas of Mining and Ports & Harbour. The EIA services are used by government and private sector for statutory clearance of projects. The DSIR-NIIST-CRTDH: Common Research and Technology Development Hub for environmental interventions in MSMEs has been set up at NIIST. Technology and consulting services have been offered to desiccated coconut, fishmeal and rice mill industries.

The Computational Modeling sub-group undertakes projects in multidisciplinary areas, applying computational techniques to a wide range of phenomena and processes, leading to the creation of software technologies in diverse areas: metal casting and welding, hydrodynamics of multiphase chemical reactors like rotary kilns, stirred and fluidized bed reactors, systems biology and foundry data analytics. This group also provides computational support to other groups within the Institute.

Some of our licensed technologies are the organic waste digester cum biogas plant, biofilter for odour control applications, fibre extraction from biomass (coconut and banana) and simulation software for the metal casting foundry sector. We strive to create an ecosystem of “development without destruction” by translating our R&D efforts into innovative, cost-effective technologies.


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