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Color-Tunable Cyano-Substituted Divinylene Arene…

F. Aparicio, S. Cherumukkil, A. Ajayaghosh* and L. Sánchez*

Color-Tunable Cyano-Substituted Divinylene Arene Luminogens as Fluorescent pi-Gelators

The synthesis of three cyano-substituted divinylene pi-gelators is reported. The modulation of the color is achieved by placing the cyano groups in appropriate position of the conjugated backbone, thus modulating the donor−acceptor interaction. Variable-temperature UV/Vis data have been utilized to investigate the self-assembly of the gelators 1−3 that is governed by a cooperative mechanism. A complete set of photophysical parameters demonstrate the role of the molecular aggregation in enhanced emission upon self-assembly.

Langmuir 2016, 32, 284–289.

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