Organic Chemistry : Kumaran A » Core Competencies

  • Development of phytopharmaceuticals (Isolation, characterization, scale-up and technology transfer)
  • Development of New Herbal Formulations/Nutraceuticals for various ailments
  • Development of new analytical methods for herbal drugs and validation of methods using sophisticated chromatographic instruments, like HPLC, GC, LC-MS, etc
  • Biotransformation/bioconversion of active constituents using microbes/enzymes
  • Bio-activity guided isolation and characterization of biologically active metabolites from natural origins (In-vitro assays and cell culture techniques & spectroscopic techniques like NMR, MASS, UV, IR)
  • Semi-synthetic modification and structure elucidation of lead compounds to enhance the activity
  • Planning & scheduling of routine experiments as well as analysis & interpretation of analytical data
  • Documenting the research work in the international journals/patents
  • A keen learner & researcher with a detail-oriented approach and excellent communication, analytical, leadership and co-ordination skills