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Dr. A. Kumaran acquired Ph. D in Natural Product Chemistry from the University of Madras and completed post-doctoral research in Food Science & Technology from National Taiwan University. He is a gold medalist in M. Sc. Chemistry and completed his M. Phil in Organic chemistry. Possess around 23 years of industrial experience in Natural product research and product development. He has experience in Isolation, characterization, scaling up of phytopharmaceuticals from plant sources. He has successfully developed & standardized 16 herbal formulations for various ailments (few products commercialized while in SPIC pharma e.g., Ayurviva for liver diseases, Lovanthin for Hepatitis B, SPIC herbal cough syrup, Spinta cream for pain etc.).  Before joining NIIST, he worked as a Scientist (E3) in HLL R & R&D Centre, HLL Lifecare Limited, Thiruvananthapuram, and was engaged in herbal product development. He has filed several patents & published research articles in peer-reviewed international journals, and presented papers in various conferences. His current research interest is identifying and evaluating potential bioactive molecules or new chemical entities (NCEs) from traditional medicines to be further developed into phytopharmaceuticals with significant pre-clinical support.  Presently, he is leading a team to develop phytopharmaceuticals for Diabetes mellitus, Rheumatoid arthritis, Reproductive health, and Alzheimer’s disease. Further, he is also interested in developing novel drug delivery systems (NDDS) to transport NCEs to improve bioavailability.