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Dr.S.Ananthakumar joined in CSIR career as Scientist since April 1992 and has been associating with Materials and Minerals Division of NIIST. He has more than 15 years of service in CSIR and actively involved in ceramic materials and composites research. During the initial period of his career, he worked in the area of microwave processing ZnO varistors, evaluation of mechanical properties of sol gel derived alumina nano abrasives. Later he took Ph.d in composite fabrication through sol gel assisted ceramic extrusion. He has hands on experience in fabrication of fine grained alumina, mullite and aluminiumtitanate ceramic nano composites and evaluation of their mechanical properties. Presently he is a project leader for two projects (i) Development of high energy field varistors sponsored by a private industry and (ii) Rare earth oxide varistors sponsored by M/s IRE, Kollam.


Ph.D*   :  Faculty of Engineering, Anna University, Chennai (2004)

M.Tech  :  Ceramic Technology, Anna University, Chennai (1992)

B.Tech  :  Chemical Engineering, Anna University, Chennai (1990)

*Ph.d work completed under DAAD Sandwich-fellowship in Materials Physics Laboratory, Technical University Hamburg-Harburg, Germany under the supervision of Prof. Heubner. The degree was awarded by Anna University in India.

Tittle of the Phd Work: Investigations on Gel assisted ceramic fabrication processes for advanced ceramic composites


Post doctoral work: Development of nanostructured Zn-Sb Intermetallic thermoelectric materials through wet chemical synthesis
Institut Charles Gerhardt , UMR 5253, Université Montpellier 2
Physicochimie des Matériaux Organisés Fonctionnels, CC 1700, Case courrier 15-03, Place Eugène Bataillon, 34095 Montpellier Cedex 5-France.


2017-2021 Chief Scientist
2012-2017 Senior Principal Scientist
2008-2012 Principal Scientist
2001-2008 Scientist -EI, Nano-ceramic Division
1997-2001 Scientist- C, Structural Ceramics  Division
1992-1997 Scientist -B, Particulate Ceramics Division


1994 New York State Colege of Ceramics, Alfred University, USA under the Overseas scholarship scheme, Ministry of Human resource and Development, Government of India to work on carbon-carbon composites with Prof.Linda Jones
2001 Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg, Germany under CSIR-DAAD Fellowship to work on creep resistance of alumina matrix ceramic composites under Prof.Heubner, Materials Physics Laboratory, Harburg
2006 Special Invite to the company M/s Element Six Pvt ltd., Springs, South Africa for giving lecture on Alumina matrix ceramic nano composites and its creep properties
2007 University of Montpellier, France under CNRS fellowship to work on thermoelectric nanostructures with Dr. Prof. Florence
2008 University of Concepcion, Chile South America (Visiting Scientist) for taking series of lectures on advanced ceramics for MS students and collaborative research with Dr.R.V. Mangalaraja, Director, Energy Materials Lab
2010 University of Calabria, Italy under DST-CNR INDO-Italy Exchange  Program to work on all ceramic memberanes for Co2 sequestration and worked with Prof. Giuseppe Barbieri.
2014 Tokyo Institute of technology , Japan to attend TOKYO-TECH Seminar


Partnering in the Academic Internship Program with POLYTECH, University of Clermont-Ferrand, Paris for training French students from the university

International Reviewer, FONDYCT Research Projects, Govt of Chile, South America


  1. Process know-how for the Gel assisted ceramic extrusion
  2. Processing of silica/alumina aerogel monoliths, powders and composites
  3. High temperature stable rare earth bonded ceramic composite refractories
  4. Process know for microwave-oxidation of Zn dust into nano ZnO
  5. Innovative and novel building materials from industrial solid waste
  6. Nano Cerium oxide for IR reflective coatings and paints
  7. Mineral beneficiation and Sand utilization and value added products including color sand, granular solids, tiles and bricks
  8. Process IR reflective ceramic pigemnts, coatings and glaze formualtions