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Twenty seven years research experience in the area of Microbial Biotechnology viz. Use of plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria and/with Rhizobium for crop improvement and disease control, Biological control of plant diseases and insect pests through rhizobacterial strains with an emphasis on tea plantations; Induced disease resistance through beneficial rhizobacterial strains in pigeon pea and tea; Isolation and identification of bioactive metabolites from rhizobacteria; Structural elucidation of the promising bioactive compounds from plant growth promoting rhizobacteria; Application of PGPR strains and their formulations for decontamination and development of vegetation in crude oil contaminated areas near drill sites, soil overburden with open cast coal mining, plant health management in tea plantations contaminated with crude oil spillage, development of biopesticide of plant and microbial origin, microbial enzyme assisted enhanced recovery of active ingredients from botanicals with special reference to spices, development of bio-pesticides from plants and microbes and use of PGPR strains for the bioconversion of organic compounds to novel drugs are the other area of interest. Isolation and purification of antimicrobial compounds producing microbes; invitro synergistic effect of natural compounds with clinically used antibiotics against human pathogenic microbes.

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