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  1. About 30 papers in the area of non-linear structural mechanics – contributed a definitive resolution to the long standing controversy regarding the physics and the mathematical modelling of the non-linear vibrations of thin shells
  2. Provided clear insight into the controversial use of the Berger approximation in non-linear structural mechanics
  3. A definitive clarification about the correct way to model the in-plane deformation and to interpret the non-linear frequencies in a finite element model of non-linear beam and plate vibrations
  4. Resolution of a controversy about whether finite element models could recover the second spectrum of the Timoshenko beam theory
  5. Founding the basic principles of a science of the finite element formulation of constrained multi-strain field problems – statement of conceptual scheme, definition of the appropriate vocabulary for this new area, design of operational procedures to remove inconsistencies in constrained strain-field definitions and for error analyses etc. and the design and development of a library of field-consistent elements. The SS Bhatnagar Prize for Engineering in 1990 (the highest award for scientific research in the country) was awarded for this work.
  6. The finite element analysis of composite structures – development of FEPACS – a general purpose package for analysis of composite structures.
  7. Development of finite elements based on higher order theories.
  8. Studies on finite element modelling of structural dynamics.
  9. Production run stress analysis of aircraft structures
  10. 10.Studies on Scientometrics
  11. Studies in Quantitative Sociology