Major Projects handled as PI / Co-PI / Project Coordinator

  • NON-CSIR Project:
    • Project Title : Engineering Nanostructured Surfaces for Developing SERS Sensing Platform – Co-Principal Investigator
      Funding Agency : DBT (3 year); (September, 2018- August, 2021)
    • Project Title : “Engineering intelligent theranostic nanocarrier for targeted therapy and diagnosis of cancer”- Principal Investigator from NIIST
      Funding Agency : DST, SERB, (3 year); (August, 2018- July, 2021)
    • Project Title : “Biocompatible Combined Polymer-Polysaccharide Core-shell VEGF-Targeted Nano-Carrier For Sustained Intraocular Pharmacotherapy Towards Diabetic Retinopathy”- Principal Investigator
      Funding Agency : DBT,  (3 year); (September, 2018- August, 2021)
    • Project Title : ”Development Of Multiplexing Detection Platform Of Breast Cancer Biomarkers By Non-Invasive Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering (Sers) Nanoprobe”- Principal Investigator
      Funding Agency : DST Nanomission, (3 year); (August, 2017 – July, 2020)
    • Project Title : “Gold Nanorod Based Targeted Nanoprobe For Cancer Theranostics : Diagnosis By Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering (Sers) And Fluorescence Imaging And Therapy By PDTand PTT”-Principal Investigator
      Funding Agency:  DBT;  (3 years); (March, 2016-Feb, 2019)
    • Project Title : “Design A Smart Drug-Delivery System Using Activatable Cell- Penetrating Peptides and Scaffold Based Non-peptide Carriers For Targeting Human Cancer” –Principal Investigator
      Funding agency : DST (SERB) :  ( June 2013 to May, 2016)
  • List of CSIR Network Projects: 12th FYP ( Dec., 2012 to March, 2017)
    1. Project Title : Molecules To Materials To Devices (M2D)
      Participating Scientist from CSIR-NIIST
      Major AchievementProbes for SERS based detection of cervical cancer (CSIR-NIIST; TRL 4) – These nanoprobes are being validated in clinical samples through active collaboration with Regional Cancer Centre (RCC), Trivandrum  (TLR 4)-  Project Leader
    2. Project Title : Nanomaterials : Application And Impact On Safety, Health And Environment (NanoSHE)
      Nodal Scientist from CSIR-NIIST
      Major Achievement: Gold Nanorod based Theranostic Nanoprobe for Phothermal Chemotherapy to MMP2 expressed cancer tumors : (TRL3)- Nodal officer from NIIST
    3. Project Title: Natural Products As Affordable Healthcare Agents (NaPaHa)
      Participating Scientist from CSIR-NIIST
      Major Achievement: Isolation Of Anticancer Agent From Hydnocarpus Wightiana Blume and Its Semi Synthetic Modifications For Enhanced Anticancer Activity Participating Scientist from NIIST
    CSIR Mission Mode Project ( March, 2018- March, 2020 )

  • Project Title : “Nanobiosensors and Microfluodics for Healthcare”
    “Development of SERS-Nanoprobe for Multiplexing Diagnosis of Breast and Lung Cancer Biomarkers in Tumor Tissue samples By Raman Fingerprint” WP-5
    “ Label free affordable and easy-to-use point of care system for detection of Dengue virus infections in patient samples” WP-3:-
    Project Leader from NIIST
    CSIR-FTT Project (Aug, 2018 – March, 2020)

  • Project Title : Biocompatible fluorescent molecules for sensing and cellular imaging of pH, Zn2+ and reactive oxygen species
    Co-Principal Investigator from NIIST