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Research interests in my laboratory consisted at the interface between chemistry, biology and nano science. Our focus on development of Targeted Drug-Delivery System (TDDS) based on synthetic or nanocarrier for target specific delivery of small molecular drugs, proteins, nucleic acids, genes. Secondly, our interest on nano-bio-science area to develop functionalized nano-particle probes which acts as a highly sensitive diagnostic tool on surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) platform for non-invasive detection of various human cancer and other diseases viz., Alzheimer. We are aiming to construct different functionalized theranostic nanoparticle probes with SERS and fluorescence based diagnosis simultaneous with PDT and PTT as therapy. We are also interested in designing, synthesizing and studying biologically active molecules, which include small molecules and natural products, peptides, glycol-peptides, antigenic-oligosaccharides and find out their role, mode of recognition in biological system. Our long term research goals are to develop unique drug-delivery system as a potential carrier of non bioavailable drugs, novel diagnostic probes for cancer screening and to processes for their commercialization.

Current research interest:

  • Targeted Drug Delivery System Development (TDDS) : Both synthetic and nano-carrier scaffold for localized therapy, sustained / controlled release.
    • Multimodal Cancer therapy : Chemo-photo ; Chemo-immuno;
    • Combined therapy on diabetic retinopathy by ocular / intravitreal pathway
  • Diagnostic Nanoparticle probes : SERS-tags for Label-free / SERS-labelled / SERS -kit.
    • Ultrasensitive detection and imaging of human cancer viz., cervical, breast, lung, thyroid, prostate
    • Detection of infectious diseases : Dengue (identification of specific viral strains)
    • Detection & quantification of lipid bodies in algaes involved in biomass production
    • Early detection and monitoring of neurodegenerative disorders : amyloid plaques and related proteins in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson Diseases
  • Multimodal theranostic nano-probes based on SERS fluorescence, MRI, as diagnostic modalities and PDT, PTT and Chemo and immunotherapy.
  • Synthetic modification of bioactive natural products isolated from plants : New Phytochemical Entities (NPCEs) as advanced Hits / lead molecules towards anti-cancer, anti-diabetic potential.