1. Towards cost-effective fabrication of White  OLEDs for Solid-State Lighting: How to address   process complexity and optimal usage of materials, Principal Investigator, SERB-Core Research Grant, Rs. 20 Lakhs (Ongoing)
  2. Design and Development of Efficient, Stable and Cost Effective Organic Dyes and its Application in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells, Co-Principal Investigator, SERB, Rs. 1.20 Cr (Ongoing)
  3. Engineering nanostructured surfaces for developing SERS sensing platform, Co-Principal Investigator, DBT, Rs.71.52 Lakhs (Ongoing)
  4. Large Area Opto-Electronics for Australia and India: From Materials to Advanced Devices, Co-Principal Investigator, DST-AISRF, Rs.73 Lakhs (Ongoing)
  5. Fused thiophene based FET devices for lung cancer VOC biomarker detection, Principal Investigator, CSIR, Rs. 50 Lakhs (Completed)
  6. Design and processing of nanostructured hybrid composite materials for electrochemical energy storage, Principal Investigator, DST-MSE, Govt. of India, Rs.51 Lakhs (Completed)
  7. Development of Semi-Automatic Equipments for Large Area Dye-Sensitized Solar Module Fabrication, Project Leader, DST, Govt. of India, Rs.220 Lakhs (Completed)
  8. Investigation of ultrafast dynamics of chromophores involved in singlet exciton fission process for solar cell applications, Co-Principal Investigator), DST, Govt. of India, Rs. 53 Lacs (Completed)
  9. Charge carrier transport in polymeric and organic semiconducting thin films for application in light emitting diodes, field-effect transistors and photovoltaic devices, Principal Investigator, DST-RFBR, 21 Lacs (Completed)
  10. LIGHTSOLAR program under TAPSUN network project of CSIR, Project Leader, Rs.6.5 Cr (Completed)
  11. White OLEDs for lighting applications, Principal Investigator, Faculty initiation grant, IIT Kanpur, Rs 3 lacs
  12. Full color prototype Organic Light Emitting Diode Displays (Co-Principal Investigator), DST, Govt of India, Rs. 3.4 Cr (Completed)