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We work to elucidate the various molecular mechanisms underlying metabolic syndromes like diabetes and heart diseases (hypertrophy and ischemia) for effective control and management with agents derived from natural resources. For this we explore various known targets as well as aim to find out new potent druggable targets via generating novel basic knowledge in these fields

Diabetes: One of our strategies is to reduce postprandial hyperglycemia with nutraceuticals or phytoceuticals to delay or block transition from prediabetic to diabetic stage which is the real need of today. We also work on various signaling pathways to prevent insulin depletion as well as insulin resistance. We also explore the availability of various bioactives from the flora of Western Ghats as NCE for these disorders. In addition to existing targets we are also researching on new druggable targets utilizing basic knowledge from protein, lipid and carbohydrate metabolism.


Fig 1 Antiglycation potential of pineapple fruit residue extract (PAE): (A) Antiglycation property of various concentrations of PAE (100, 250, 500, 1000 µg mL-1). Quercetin (100 µM) was used as reference compound. Relative fluorescence units (RFU) are normalized to 100. (B) SEM microstructures of glycated products formed under various conditions: Control (a) and treated groups (b-d) (Quercetin 100 µM, PAE 100 µg mL-1 and PAE 1000 µg mL-1 respectively). Magnification is 16000x.

JSFA (2013) doi: 10.1002/jsfa.6340.

Cardiovascular Disorders: Our interest is on cellular and molecular basis of cardiac hypertrophy, cardiac ischemia and cardiotoxicity of anticancer drugs. We work on role of growth factors, innate antioxidant system, cardiac functional proteins, alteration of gene regulation, etc.



Effect of BDE (Boerhaavia diffusa extract) on the expression of NF-??1 at mRNA level in angiotensin II induced hypertrophy. Br j Nutr (2013)


Cellular stress model: Role of hypoxia, ER stress in metabolic disorders is another area of our interest where we concentrate specific components like HIF, GRP, adipokines, energy metabolism, cytokines, apoptotic markers etc to elucidate cross talk among insulin resistance, obesity and cancer.