Our studies explore the crystal engineering routes to tune the physicochemical properties of APIs by developing new solid forms, and the approach remains as an attractive prospect. We integrate the concepts of high-throughput screening and combinatorial synthesis in the solid-state form screening. The resultant products get screened using diffraction (single crystal and powder), microscopy (optical and electron), thermal (DSC and hot-stage microscopy) and spectroscopy (IR and Raman) techniques. Nanoindentation on precise crystal faces provides insights on the structure-mechanical property correlations that can be extrapolated to the tabletability of the crystal forms under investigation.

Current interest

  • Crystal engineering of organic pharmaceutics for better therapeutic applications
  • Polymorphism and phase transition behavior in molecular materials
  • Structure-mechanical property correlations in molecular crystals
  • Porous frameworks and carbonaceous materials for gas storage and water purification
  • Non-covalent synthetic strategy to tune the emission characteristics of molecular emissive materials

Ongoing projects

  • Mechanical Stimulation Induced Microscopic Crystalline Structure Changes in Molecular Materials: Implications on Drug Formulation and Mechanochromic Behavior (DST-SERB, New Delhi)

Completed projects

  • Pharmaceutical formulations by applying crystal engineering principles (DST, New Delhi)
  • Stimuli induced phase transition: A facile route to modulate optical properties in molecular crystals (DST, New Delhi)


  • Prof. Gautam Desiraju (IISc Bangalore)
  • Prof. Krystof Wozniak (University of Warsaw, Poland)
  • Prof. U. Ramamurty (IISc Bangalore)
  • Prof. C. Malla Reddy (IISER Kolkata)
  • Dr. Tejender S. Thakur (CSIR-CDRI, Lucknow)
  • Dr. M. S. R. N. Kiran (SRM University, Chennai)