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Chilli Processing Plant

The Byadgi Chilli, which is known for its high colour is currently processed in the traditional manner which result in loss of carotenoids during the sun drying operation. The new process developed employs a fluid bed drier for bringing down the moisture to acceptable levels of fresh chilli hygienically. The resulting end product will have a 10% increase in colour value when compared to the conventionally processed raw material. The raw material is washed, size reduced, dried in the fluid bed drier and then de- seeded. The contact time in the drier is less than 15 minutes and the entire operation is automated. All the machineries are interlocked and the manpower requirements are marginal. High pressure steam is used as the heating medium and the plant is engineered to ensure high thermal efficiency.

Investment required: The facility can be set up at a cost of approximately Rs.2.5 crore for a 20 Ton/day fresh red byadagi chilli processing unit.

Returns / Benefit: The unit can provide direct employment to 30 people and indirectly benefit a large number of farmers ensuring fair price for the produce.

Validation level: Pilot scale.