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Clean Bioprocess for Natural Fibre Extraction

This biological process yields superior quality fibres while shortening the processing time substantially. Here separation of fibres from their matrices is achieved by enzymatic cleaving of cementing compounds with in situ microbial growth and enzyme production. The organic residue generated by the process is converted to methane that can be recovered for fuel. In abstract, this bioprocess technology would help to achieve better quality, speed and pollution control.

The conventional extraction processes like retting leads to serious problems like methane and sulphide emission, water contamination and other environmental pollutions. Emission of methane and sulphide during the retting process is a major source of environmental pollution as they contribute to greenhouse gases. Owing to the above factors, Biological method is preferred to mechanical and chemical routes for extracting fibres of good quality from the embedding matrix. It is in this context that NIIST devised a clean bioprocess which has the potential to replace the traditional method of retting in which the plant materials are left to decay in humid conditions or in water to free the fibre from matrices.

Validation level : Real life.; IPR Status : Filed.