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Clean Bioprocess for Quality Coir Fibre Production & Energy Recovery

A clean bioprocess has been developed by NIIST for the extraction of quality coir fibre from coconut husk. This method carries out separation of fibres from their matrices by enzymatic cleaving of cementing compounds with in situ microbial growth and enzyme production. This bioprocess not only converts all the organic pollutants emanated from the extraction process to methane, but also facilitates its recovery as an Energy Source. Since the methane production is almost exclusively from the Up flow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket Method (UASB) methanogenic reactor and no significant quantity of methane is generated from the retting tanks, therefore the collection of methane is possible without expensive gas tight covering of the retting tanks.

This bioprocess can also be used for processing of natural fibres like jute, banana and pineapple leaf.

Investment required : Capacity : 16000 husk/day; Investment : Rs.1.4 crore; Production per day :1.4 t fibre @ Rs.20,000/t; 0.8 t pith @ Rs.250/t; 800m3 biogas @ Rs.5/m3

Validation level : Real life.; IPR Status : Filed.

Returns / Benefit : 

  • Environmental-economic benefits of clean bioprocess
  • Value of Biogas : Rs.150 Crore/ year
  • Certified Emission Reduction @ $5.0/(tCO2e) : Rs.16 Crore/ year
  • Energy potential from clean bioprocess
  • White fibre production : 1.2 lakh ton/year
  • Husk retted : 15 lakh ton husk/year
  • Biogas : 82,500,000 m3/year


Clean_Bioprocess_for_extraction_of_quality_coir_fibre_from_coconut_husk.pdf   Clean_Bioprocess_for_extraction_of_quality_coir_fibre_from_coconut_husk.pdf (375.0 KiB, 148 hits)