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Fresh Ginger Processing Technology

CSIR-NIIST have developed and commercialized Fresh Ginger Processing Technology since 2000 for producing value-added products such as ginger oil, dry ginger powder, etc. The institute has set up three processing units in the North East and has transferred this technology to many other industries, CSIR -NIIST provides the know-how, technical assistance insourcing of the machinery, engineering consultancy, training the operating staff, assist in erection & commissioning and troubleshooting. The same technology can be adopted for post-harvest operations of other spices like turmeric, cardamom, etc.
Considering the climatic conditions of Northeast, cost-effective mechanical drying of various agri crops can also look into for value addition and shelf life enhancement.
The major advantages are

  • Yield of oil 30 % more than the conventional process.
  • Processing time reduced to 4 hours instead of 18 hours.
  • Reduced energy consumption.
  • Processing cost around 12 % of the total cost of production.
  • Superior quality of flavour.
  • Possibility for byproducts utilization.

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