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Nano Rare Earth Oxides and Phosphates

Nano metal oxides and phosphates are types of materials with growing market on a global basis. Most of the nano metal oxides commercially available from countries abroad are very expensive.

CSIR-NIIST  has developed a process for the production of Nanoparticles starting through hydrolysis-peptisation technique. The process in general consists of hydrolyzing titanyl sulphate or chloride to titanyl hydroxide by addition of ammonium hydroxide followed by washing and removal of all the undesirable ions.

Investment required: For a plant size of 10 kg/batch capacity, the cost of the plant will be about Rs. 250 lakh. The machinery cost will be about Rs. 160 lakh.

Returns /Benefit: The abundant deposits available in the country could be gainfully utilized.

Validation level: Till now, the process has been optimized in the laboratory and being scaled up to Bench/Pilot scale with M/s Indian Rare Earths Ltd., Mumbai which is set up in IREL Kollam is expected to get commissioned in June, 2010. The average cost of the nanoparticles will be Rs. ~1000-2000 per Kg only.

IPR Status : Filed.