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Semi-automatic dye-sensitized solar module fabrication unit


Salient Technical Features including Competing Features:

  • Capability of custom design as per the requirement for screen printing and other deposition techniques
  • Cost reduction of 50-60% compared to imported equipment retaining the functional features


 Environmental Considerations, if any:

  • DSSC technology uses locally available environmentally friendly materials which are recyclable to more than 95%

Major Raw Materials to be Utilized :SS steel, aluminium


With the indigenisation of technology we were able to achieve 60% cost reduction in the entire equipment compared to the existing ones in international market which will help with large scale deployment for various photovoltaic sectors in near future

Technology Package:

Custom designed turn-key fabrication facility including the equipment’s listed below
a) Screen Printing System
b) Hole Drilling Robot
c) Five headed integrated system for Silver line dispensing, UV epoxy dispensing, pick and place of electrodes, UV curing and electrolyte filling
d) Dye coating system
e) Custom designed furnaces for large area substrates
f) Glass cutting system