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VIRTUAL CASTING - Affordable State-of-the-Art Software for Casting Process Design. Commercial name: FLOW + module in AutoCAST X1

FLOW module in AutoCAST X1 is a completely designed software with code developed by the computational modelling and simulation group of CSIR-NIIST based on Virtual Casting Solver Technology of CSIR-NIIST. After testing for industrial case studies and benchmarking with other commercial software like FLOW3D and NovaCAST, with joint collaboration with IITB and 3D Foundry Tech Pvt. Ltd., this technology was transferred to 3D Foundry Tech Pvt. Ltd., (3DFT).

AutoCAST-X1 with FLOW is one of the very few products entirely designed and developed in India, This product positioned as an easy-to-use, world-class, yet affordable simulation software to Indian foundries and gives them the competitive edge of simulation at an affordable cost (compared to similar products) to deliver defect-free castings right first time and every time. Major benefits of using this product in foundries are reduction of lead time for first good sample casting, very less rejection rates and better customer satisfaction.

Indigenous_casting_simulation_software_for_small__medium_scale_foundries.pdf   Indigenous_casting_simulation_software_for_small__medium_scale_foundries.pdf (258.2 KiB, 999 hits)