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  • International Conference on Advanced Functional Materials (9-12 December 2009)

International Conference on Advanced Functional Materials (9-12 December 2009)

Development of materials with exclusive properties is necessary in order to cater to the technological advances of the coming century. Combination of functional properties like thermal, electric, magnetic, superconducting, optical and biological have lead to the development of a wide array of ceramic materials thus producing a plethora of sensing, actuating, and biologically compatible devices. Use of zirconia as thermal barrier coatings for aircraft gas turbine blades to piezoelectric pressure sensors in internal combustion engines to dielectric resonators for microwave circuits in UHF and SHF satellite communication to electro-optic image storage systems for environmental and military surveillance to structurally resilient and long term stable alumina or tetragonal zirconia polycrystal (TZP) femoral heads for hip endoprosthetic implants are a few examples.Surface engineering at nano levels have found applications for both strategic and civil sectors.The conference will provide a platform for information exchange among the participants from both academia and industry.

ICAFM Conference Topics

  • Ceramic coatings, porous ceramics
  • Strategic and metamaterials
  • Ceramics for energy (SOFC)
  • Dielectric, substrate and electronic packaging materials
  • Magnetic and superconducting ceramics
  • Nanostructured ceramics and nanotechnology
  • Ultra high temperature ceramics

For Detailed Information : http://w3rrlt.csir.res.in/icafm.html