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Title of Technology 

VIRTUAL CASTING – Affordable State-of-the-Art Software for Casting Process Design. Commercial name: FLOW+ module in AutoCAST X1

Executive Summary

FLOW+ module in AutoCAST X1 is a completely redesigned software code developed by the computational modelling & simulation group of CSIR-NIIST based on “VIRTUAL CASTING SOLVER” Technology of CSIR-NIIST.
FLOW+ module is a physics based casting simulation software with efficient memory management and better shrinkage prediction algorithm and is seamlessly integrated into geometry based casting design software AutoCAST-X which is owned, maintained and marketed by 3D Foundry Tech Pvt. Ltd., (3DFT).
The FLOW+ module takes as input the thermo physical properties of the metal and the mold along with the geometry of the casting from AutoCAST platform, calculates the flow pattern in the mold cavity during filling, temperature changes in the metal and predicts the defects that could occur in the solidified casting.

Potential Market

AutoCAST-X1 with FLOW + is one of the very few products entirely designed and developed in India. This product is positioned as an easy-to-use, world class, yet affordable simulation software to Indian foundries (which falls under Small and Medium Scale) and gives them the competitive edge of simulation at an affordable cost (compared to imported products) to deliver defect free castings right first time and every time. Unlike existing (imported) software, it is truly user friendly – even diploma degree holders can get trained and start using the software within two days.
This software product enables foundries to reduce the number of shop-floor trials for developing a new casting (typically from five to just one trial). The average saving is approximately Rs. 16 lakhs per year per foundry. Further, they are able to reduce rejections (typically by half), as well as improve yield (typically by 5%), which translates to net value addition of Rs. 20 lakhs per year per foundry.
The current penetration of casting simulation technology in Indian foundries is estimated to be less than 10%, compared to over 50% in developed countries. The adaptation of this technology by even 20% of the 5000 foundries in India will lead to immense savings including energy and environment benefits.

Technology Readiness Level – 9