Open Days / Lab Visits

Laboratory visits by students from schools and collegesare permitted only on open days and it is necessary to have prior intimation and permission obtained before the Laboratory visits. Kindly apply by Email /post to Dr. Jayamurthy P for Laboratory visits.

Dr. P. Jayamurthy
Senior Scientist
Phone(Mob) : 9746459990
Open days*:

Occasion Day
National Science Day February 28
National technology Day May 11
CSIR Foundation Day September 26
NIIST Foundation Day October 6
  • The dates may change if these days happened to be on holidays

National Science Day

National Science Day is celebrated every year in the laboratory on 26 th February which is a land mark day in the history of Indian Science. It is on this day in 1928, Sir C. V. Raman discovered the RAMAN EFFECT for which he was awarded Nobel Prize in Physics in the year 1930. Sir C. V. Raman and his Raman Effect stands tall even today and undoubtedly elevated the Indian Science at par with rest of the world. In commemoration to the great Indian Scientist and his discovery, Govt. of India has declared February 26 th as the National Science Day.

NIIST celebrates National Science Day with the OPEN day. Students from schools and colleges would be invited to visit the laboratory during the open day and they would be taken to various advanced scientific facilities / instruments, demonstrations etc., to enable them to have the glimpse of Indian R & D and thereby instil a sense of pride and motivation to undertake science as their future career. National Science Day lecture is also arranged by eminent scientist /researcher during the occasion.

National Technology Day

Govt. of India has declared May 11, as the National Technology Day to mark the triple success of Indian technologies namely, Inaugural flight of Hamsa, Successful flight of Prithivi missile and the sensational nuclear test at Pokhran. NIIST celebrates the day as the OPEN Day during which laboratory visits of students from different colleges and schools are arranged. The celebration also include arrangement of National Technology Day Lecture by peers in Indian Science and Technology.

CSIR Foundation Day

Being the constituent establishment under Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR), the laboratory also celebrates September 26th of every year as the foundation day of CSIR. The celebration of the above important day in the laboratory shall include, visits of the students/teachers from various colleges schools, a function to felicitate the CSIR personnel superannuated in the preceding year, distribution of mementoes to the serving CSIR personnel who have completed 25 years of service, distribution of awards to the children of employees who have secured admissions in IITs, IIMs, AIIMS etc., and securing highest marks in science subjects in 12th standard examinations. Foundation Day lecture delivered by renowned personalities will also be arranged during the occasion.

NIIST Foundation Day

October 6th is celebrated every year as NIIST foundation Day. Being observed as OPEN day, the laboratory invites students/teachers from schools and colleges to visit the laboratory on this day. The celebration also includes NIIST foundation Day Lecture by eminent personalities.