The Business Development division of NIIST takes care of industry interactions, client negotiations &contracts, IP management, and technology marketing and its commercialization. The Division interacts with various internal and external stakeholders including NIIST scientists, customers, funding agencies, andline ministries.

The division has competent manpower to cater to the variety of needs of the stakeholders. The division aims to promote the expertise of the Institute toward offering research solutions to industry-oriented and societal problems.

The division is responsible for all strategic alliances including negotiations and liaising with industries in connection with the formulation and running of all Contract Projects (sponsored, collaborative, grant-in-aid, andconsultancy projects) as well as testing and analytical Services from industries. It also performs pricing of Knowhow/Technologies/Intellectual Property and its licensing to industries.

The Business Development division also manages the IP portfolio of NIIST and takes care of the protection of inventions/works through patents/copyright.

Corporate Social Responsibility funds

Government of India has instructed that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) funds can also be utilized for setting up of incubators in Public Sector undertakings of Central or State Government or to conduct research in science, technology, engineering, and medicine for promoting Sustainable Development Goals.

NIIST also undertakes and manages Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) funding support from Corporates under Section 13, Schedule VII of the Companies Act, 2013.

We welcome corporates to invest their CSR funds for supporting R&D in NIIST

We undertake contract research, consultancy and technical services in

  1. Development of new processes
  2. New Product Development
  3. Generation of basic Knowledge
  4. Troubleshooting problems in existing processes
  5. Optimising / providing solutions to problems in existing operations