Consultancy Service

All the skills and expertise required for consultancy services are available with the institute. The consultancy services involve providing technical advice on troubleshooting and resolving problems and quality control. Currently, we provide services in

  1. Agri-waste utilisation
  2. Biomaterials & Biofuel
  3. Building Materials from Industrial waste
  4. Chemical Intermediates
  5. Environment Impact Assessment
  6. Mineral Processing
  7. Minerals and Materials
  8. Natural Products/Phytochemicals for Ayurveda
  9. Photonic Materials
  10. Polymers& composites
  11. Post-Harvest Technologies
  12. Premium Quality Aluminium Castings
  13. Clays & Minerals processing for Value Addition
  14. Processing of Spices & Oil Seeds
  15. Speciality Chemicals
  16. Strategic Materials
  17. Waste treatment