An improved natural convection drier useful for household laundry drying

This invention relates to a convection drier useful for drying wet materials, which comprises a drying chamber (1) having closed top and open bottom, means for holding or hanging material (2 and 3) to be dried and provided with a closing means (11), hot air needed for drying is produced by a heat source (5) located at the lower portion of the drier for providing air needed for drying the materials and the air is directed to upper zone of the dryer through a duct (7), the said hot air from upper zone flows downwards contacting the wet materials (4) and escapes at the bottom (9) of the dryer and in the process the wet material gets dried up.

  • Year : 2002
  • Granted Country : Abroad
  • Application Number : IN0100034W
  • Patent Number :
    • WO2002072940A1
  • Invention Number :12