A process for the preparation of melt processable Liquid Crystalline Poly (4-Phenylene Naphthalene -2,6-Carboxylate -CO -8(S-Oxypheny)S -(4-Polyphenylene, 2-Methoxy Naphthalene)

Melt processable liquid crystalline terpolyesters of the formula I below:The process comprises acetylating 8(3-hydroxyphenyl)octanoic acid and hydroquinone using an acetylating agent followed by acidolysis polycondensation for the removal of acetic acid to effect higher molecular weight formation, post-polymerisation being effected at higher temperatures but below the decomposition temperature.

  • Year : 2002 Granted type : Granted
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  • Application Number : 09/537,251 Patent Number :
    • US6419851B1